Flying Versus Gambling

If cruise ships can have casinos, why can’t airplanes? Cruise ships and planes both operate under the international maritime laws, and cruise liners have had so much success with onboard casinos despite the heavy regulation on gambling. Having airbuses that feature mini-casinos may not have been feasible, however, gambling may be in form of in-flight scratch cards for now. Scratch games on flights was introduced by Ryanair in 2008 and may be purchased for a few euros to participate in a game. You have to scratch a Yes on the card and then enter into a draw online. You could be the one passenger a year to be picked, if you are lucky. Other European airlines are adapting to this now. It may not give you the casino feel you want, but it is better than nothing.

Having casinos in-flight have become a good topic for land-based and online casinos comparisons, as to which is best, having a casino game on your screen or having a room for gambling in-flight. With Wi-Fi on aircraft’s, gambling services can be made available to flight passengers and you can play online casino games when you are not reading or sleeping on a plane. Since some airlines also have credit card scanners on the seats, including real casino games in-flight wouldn’t be much more difficult.

Passengers can just play at their favourite online casino, as long as minors don’t get access to the games. If more airlines incorporate in-flight gambling, they could make profits that will enable them to offer all passengers free airfares. Some airlines have been successful with the scratch cards, however, they still have other ideas. Replacing the cargo space of an aircraft with a casino floor. This way, you will be able to get out of your congested seat and pass the time in the in-flight casino. This service is expected to comprise of blackjacks and roulettes.