What is a Flying Club?

A flying club is an aviation association where people who engage in flying as a hobby, or people who have a flare for flights come together to provide themselves a less expensive way to fly. They are an organized body who wants to provide its members with aircraft either for their personal use or for other purposes. It is a great way to connect to your passion, if you are the type who is passionate about flying.

It is a community of like minded people and everyone, both those who already have a passion and those who are just setting out in aviation can enjoy the benefits and experiences of a flying club. The financial advantage for both student and experienced flyers may be that the cost of flying will be reduced but it will also be a great way to make friends, which is also essential to keeping pilots engaged in aviation.

Benefits of a flying club

Many commercial pilots today started out at a flying club, and this has greatly increased the population of pilots. However, there are a lot more ­reasons to join a flying club.

  • You will get quality flight training as well as share in the pilot supplies that are provided by most clubs. They also grant you the liberty to partake in fly-ins and fly-outs as well as other regular social event.
  • Even a student pilots with zero flying time are allowed to join and receive flight training in the club’s airplane with licensed instructors and approved professionals. The instructors are normally members as well and the cost of training is much lesser than training in a flight school.
  • You can join most clubs for a small fee and they only charge very nominal monthly dues. You are also allowed access to the club’s tons of airplanes.

You must however know that, most flying clubs do not offer flights for commercial purposes or even charter services.